Friday, October 13, 2006

One is a lonely number

In heroic days you might have been Joan of Arc , Madame Roland , Heloise .
But What might you be today ?
Try to find a single position in the social hierarchy , on any level of government or industry ,
which you might think of occupying without being ridiculous .
Only the role of artist is open to you.

George Sand , Letters to Marcia , 1837


یک ـ بدیهی است که ایتز ا وری اولد استوری

دو ـ امروز حقیقتا بر ما مسلم شد که بلاگر خر است و بلکه هم بیشتر

سه ـ فقط به منظور جلوگیری از فحش خوری بابت پینگ بی خودی